Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pros: Cheese

A year ago, I would have never believed you if you told me I would be writing a list of pros and cons about moving to Wisconsin.

And I really wouldn't have believed you if you told me the pros would greatly outweigh the cons.

Then again, a year ago, I still believed a paint-by-number, careful, detailed approach would lead to an entirely predictable future.

How naive is that?

Things change, no matter how precisely and effortfully you take the "right" steps-- like when you nearly pull a muscle trying to stretch your short legs to fit your feet in the snowy tracks of someone else to avoid any more snow in your boots.

You always trip and fall into the snow anyhow.
(At least I do. But I'm exceedingly clumsy.)

Okay, I know I'm being cryptic. Suffice to say, things haven't turned out exactly as expected, and I've spent the last month scrambling, working on what feels like 12 potential back-up plans at once. Life has truly become an exercise in rolling with the punches.

Oddly enough, the punches are pointing towards the Midwest, which, up until recently, is never where I foresaw this West Coast Canadian girl ending up.

Even though there's a lot of panic and planning involved (and I must have nearly given myself carpal tunnel syndrome with all my frantic googling), there's something wonderful about how random this all is.

I mean, why the hell not move to Wisconsin?


Mandy said...

The midwest is awesome! Sometimes things randomly fall into place just beautifully. I'm sorry you've had to scramble around but can't wait to see where it leads you.

TMC said...

Take it from a US west coast girl, when i moved to the Midwest, I felt at home. I never, ever imagined I would end up here, but here we are nearly 10 years later!

Hooray for new adventures!

P said...

I'm sorry things aren't turning out as expected hon. I hope you make the right decision though, whatever you end up doing.

Ashalah said...

This is exciting news!!! You will be so much closer to me and that's a pretty big pro, right? Right? Well anyway, I've never been to Wisconsin but you seem to have a really good attitude of going with the flow and i love that! That's how I ended up in Colorado :) Good luck with everything, I can't wait to see how everything turns out!

Bayjb said...

I'm from there and it is one of my favorite places to be. And having you closer would be awesome too :) I mean, the cheese and beer, there is so much to show you!

Jazz said...

Wisconsin cheese soup.

Not that I've ever been to Wisconsin... says this east coast Canadian girl.

Roshan said...

I wish you could have had things work out for you where u r right now. Maybe things will change and change for the better. You have my best wishes.

Katelin said...

oh i can't wait to hear more, wisconsin sounds like it could be a fun adventure and umm the CHEESE. i would be in heaven, haha.

LiLu said...

Honestly? I've heard only good things about the midwest. Why the hell not? Give it a year... or three. ;-)

Dorky Dad said...

WISCONSIN? Wow. I live next to Wisconsin, so you could take that either as a pro or a con, depending on your perspective. They have great cheese. And the sausage is to die for. But Wisconsinites talk funny and they all are a wee bit emotional about the Packers. Good luck!

Mega said...

WI sux, just sayin

X. Dell said...

Well, I for one moved to Wisconsin, and lived there for four years. It's by far not the worst place in the world, or in the US, for that matter.

Bev said...

Reasons not to move to Wisconsin:
1. It's cold
2. too much cheese.
I just wish you the best of luck in Wisconsin, it isn't that bad and I go up once a year since I do have family up there :)

Nichole said...

Wow, you're moving! It's been a while since I've read any blogs (and I blame facebook) but I'm happy to have stumbled upon yours again.

As someone who moves a lot you would think I have some sort of awesome plan I follow every time, but I don't. Planning sucks and I am a planner like you. I hate surprises.

When are you moving? I have never been to Wisconsin, or anywhere west of Indiana for that matter, so I have no advice related to WI.

That said, have you ever been to Alaska, or driven the Al-Can highway? Me, the husband and child are moving to Alaska this July, and driving the whole way.

Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

Me, too. I have most of those quirks and anal-retentivenityess (thousands of suffixes make me look brilliant, I must warn ya) --- Nevertheless, BeautifullGirl, never mind what Fred Phelps sez, Heaven's where I'm going for eternity. Wanna come? Guhroovy. Meet me in the Great Beyond, miss gorgeous, and we'll have gobbbs of fun at my BIG-ol, WooHoo! party-hardy celebrating our resurrection for eons and eons. O! BTW! I'm gonna kiss your adorable feet the first chance I get, doll, because they brought you this far (so be warned) +God - Bless - You+ I wish I could tell you I love you in person - all of Heaven's eternity isn't long enough to show you how much I love you. Lemme prove it to you when we arrive.