Friday, January 2, 2009

So this is the new year

Yep, it's that time again-- the obligatory welcome to 2009 post!

As I did last year, I'm going to kick this post off with a meme, with a twist. The standard rules say that you are supposed to post the first line of the first post of every month of the past year. I choose to do the last line, as it seems like we are celebrating the passing of the last year and the beginning of a new one, not vice versa.

January: It's time to bust out the hideous tacky metaphors and hop on the train back to Princess-land!

February: Arghblephiz.

March: Part of growing up with hippie parents is summers spent in the great outdoors.

April: ... and I go a little crazy.

May: It came to mind yesterday, while at a event scattered with random faces from my past, that my ten year high school reunion is due to rear up next summer.

June: I adore Chicago.

July: Two Yale law students, fed up with threats and lies being printed alongside their full names at the law school admission forum,, filed a lawsuit against multiple anonymous trolls.

August: There are reasons one doesn't skinny dip in a lake in the middle of the day.

September: Last week, an exterminator came by to discuss our furry apartment visitor.

October: I don't entirely understand those who enjoy being scared.

November: A little housekeeping out of the way first...

December: I usually have a post more or less lined up in my head before I start writing, a few choice lines on repeat in my head.


Other than these choice words, what has 2008 been for me?

I kept plugging away at the good old PhD, and actually just finished my last course, meaning I may be able to pretentiously call myself Dr. Princess sometime in the future. 
(Don't get too excited... I still have those pesky things called a dissertation and an internship to get through)

I left behind my apartment and moved into our apartment.

February brought me to Albuquerque for a conference and a hot air balloon ride.

May was a visit to Seattle (including very personal questions by customs).

In June, Chicago spited me, but I continued to have full on unrequited love for her.

I also celebrated nuptials and poutine with my girlfriends for an epic stagette.

In August, the Duke and I celebrated awkwardness in a hijinks ridden wedding trip.

September also had our celebration of two years, and another wonderful escape to an island to frolic with marine life.

I also made it back to HomeTown two times.

While last year, I had one bloggie meet-up, this year, I had something like five separate meet-ups-- which were shockingly consistent in their ease and awesomeness.

These included a a multicited visit with Distracted Spunk, three separate meet-ups with a veritable Chicago blogger explosion, and a bad luck filled reunion with Surfergrrl and first meeting with Ultra Toast.

I also started on a very exciting group blog endeavour!

(oh, and FYI, I didn't end up having to go to court... a nice extra Christmas present)

The year finished off with a quieter, but still equally wine-soaked, night than most-- and the first one that I was able to ring in the next 365 with a kiss from my guy, which I figure has to be a good omen.

It is funny... while thinking about this post, I managed to convince myself that since I hadn't met any of the major milestones I'd passed in years passed, I'd actually had a sadly uneventful year. Perhaps that is one of the bonuses of having a blog-- being able to have a documentation of those little excursions and moments as a reminder of what the past year has been for you. It doesn't look so boring, now, after all.


Crushed said...

I suppose it helps having it all documented.
I thought this year went by quite quick.

I don't think I'll ever forget your September post on the furry visitor- but I thought that was way more recent! Time flies!

Anonymous said...

I liked your year. I keep forgetting how much I did this year or how much I've gone through. I'd document, but I think it might depress me to think about everything. Eep.

So it's now 2009. PP/DS date? Yes?

Babs said...

I think you did a lot last year! I'm jealous you almost have your phd.... you just might inspire me to get mine sooner rather than later

Meghan said...

It sounds like a pretty eventful year to me! Gotta love the customs going to Seattle :S Happy New Years

Anonymous said...

dude i had some serious "ohhhh YEAH" moments reading my archived posts. i had to just to remember some of the 'eventful' things i didt!

Daisy said...

What a fun idea! I love it! And wow you had a great year!! :) I hope this year is even better for you!

Therapeutic Ramblings said...

I've always wondered what your research topic is....but alas, I guess I will have to guess.

K. said...

I tried this and it was nowhere near as accurate as yours appears to be, so I promptly deleted it.

K. said...

I tried this and it was nowhere near as accurate as yours appears to be, so I promptly deleted it.